The Rees Lab

A Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Laboratory
in the Division of Chemistry at the California Institute of Technology

The research interests of the Rees group emphasize the general area of structural bioenergetics, using crystallographic and functional approaches to characterize water-soluble and membrane proteins participating in various energy transduction pathways.  READ MORE


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The Broad Center for the Biological Sciences
Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Mail Code 114-96

Howard Hughes Medical Institute
California Institute of Technology

Pasadena, CA 91125

(626) 395-6440 (Information)
(626) 744-9524 (FAX)
(626) 395-8393 (PI)
(626) 395-1728 (Broad Lab) ~ (626) 395-2047 (Crellin Lab)

2012 Rees Group Alumni Symposium Photo Album


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